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Speech and Workshops

 Talk/Speech in Professional Meeting

  • Mahdi Gheysari. Relation between Air and Media Temperature of Containerized Nursery Crops. August 5, 2008. Seminar presentations at the Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Griffin Campus, Summer 2008.
  • Mahdi Gheysari. 2009. Crop models application for management of nitrate leaching. The second national conference on drought effects/management (DEM). Agricultural. and Natural Resources. Research center, Isfahan, Iran. 20-21 May, 2009.
  • Mahdi Gheysari, 2012. Microclimate Zones by Surface Cover Type in Isfahan City for Pest Prediction and Irrigation Water Management, Soil Science Department, University of Manitoba, Canada, Summer 2012.

Extension Workshop/In-Service Trainings

  • Irrigation Tour. 2008. South of Georgia, The University of Georgia. May 13-May 14.
  • Training Program on DSSAT. 2008. Assessing Crop production, Nutrient Management, Climatic Rick and Environmental Sustainability with Simulation Models. May 12 to May 21. Presented by the University of Georgia and ICASA.
  • Georgia Peanut Tour 2007, September, Bainbridge, GA.
  • Technical Computing with MATLAB and Simulink, August 2007, The University of Georgia Athens, GA.
  • Design and Execution of Sprinkler and Trickle Irrigation Systems. Soil and water Organization, Agriculture Ministry, Iran, September, 2002.
  • Farmer counselor for more than 100 farms for trickle and sprinkler irrigation systems, 1999-2010.
  • Plant Science Crop Research Tour. Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences in cooperation with Manitoba Agriculture, food and Rural Initiatives. Ian N. Morrison Research Farm. July 25, 2012. Winnipeg, Canada.




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Speech and Workshops | Dr. Mahdi Gheysari


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